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This community has been closed down. You can't join and you can't post.

Welcome to writing_101. The idea here is really simple. Take a topic and run with it.


I couldn't live without . . .
Material or not, there's something without which life would be meaningless. Write about it. Make it fiction if you want. Maybe it's something one of your characters needs. Just run with it.

Remember, NaNoWriMo is coming up. Get in the habit now.

Everyone's welcome, so join up, write something and let us see it.

Some simple rules help us get along and have kept this a (largely) drama free, safe space to write.

Make liberal use of the prompt. It's not a straight-jacket at all, but rather something to get your juices flowing. If you start with it and then go someplace completely other, that's perfect. So, write to the current prompt or a prior topic.

Alternately, and this is newish, just write whatever you want, although if you do go off-prompt, please put it behind an lj-cut.

If you do write to an old topic, tell us what it is.

Unless otherwise specified, prose, poetry, fiction, non-fiction and/or any combination in any length are all welcome.

New topics will go up irregularly. I'll try for weekly, but I can't promise it. If you think a prompt is getting stale, feel free to e-mail me (101 @ psilent.com) to remind me or, hell, even to suggest one.

Constructive criticism is encouraged unless the writer has turned the comments off (though I've never seen that happen). Be respectful. Be polite. Being a schmuck for the sheer joy of it will not be tolerated. Save the drama for your prose.

Please use lj-cut (see the faq) on long entries. Really long posts clutter things up and seem to make people grumpy. If you've got something on topic hosted elsewhere, go ahead and link to it if you prefer.

That's about it for the rules. Have fun.

A little history

This community was founded by xianaz. In October, 2003, he realized he didn't have enough time to maintain it. Rather than delete it, he sought someone else to take over. He picked me, stevenredux.

xianaz managed to gather ~400 people to this community and, more amazingly, created a drama-free environment on the internet where you can write and get positive feedback. There have been some amazing debates, and very little rancor, that grew out of the writing. It is a fun place to be.

I hope to keep it that way. So, the rules above are essentially the same as he set down.. They used to be his rules but after I went on hiatus for a few months, I thought I could get the community going again by allowing free writes all the time. Either way, the simple truth is that it isn't the rules and it certainly isn't me that makes this a great community. It's the creative and respectful people the who contribute and lurk here.

So there you have it. I will post a new topic each week and things should go on much as before. Feel free to e-mail me suggestions for prompts (101 @ psilent.com). Now get writing.