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Ink_aficionados is love. Join here.

As opposed to the communities all over the web where every level of writing -- be it from elementary schoolers, college professors, netspeak in-text or no -- and where responses may include any amount of useful information in the response (or, heck, none at all), we at ink_aficionados are looking to band together a particular bunch of writers. Specifically, we are looking for writers that are advanced in the craft and who want to further advance. Writers that have a good grasp on grammar and know where the spell-check button is, but may not be sure if they can capture mood well or have some troubles with smoothly revealing a character. And more than that, we are looking for writers that want to help other writers improve in these areas as well by providing thorough criticisms which are tailored to each specific work, and that point out the good, the bad, and ways to improve.

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