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    “It’s not that I want to work with him,” The second voice was cultured with a mix between English and something Asian. “I don’t want to work with a partner at all.”  A frustrated tone to her words.
    “How about the reasons why you do want to work with him then?” His new boss, Kitsemo Usagi, whom he had just met, sounded tired. Listening through a crack in the door a voyeur saw Usagi rise from his chair and walk towards the door.
    “It was the stones back home telling m…” The door slammed, forcing the boy outside to spring away, almost missing the seat he had be leaning over the edge of.
    ‘Did he see me listening or just noticed the door was open a fraction?’ He wondered. Usagi and the girl with him had to have been discussing him, Newton Marshall. He tried listening above and below the door’s hinges but could hear nothing. He slumped forward, flexing his back like a wolf and thumping fists into his knees, screwed his face into a sullen sad clown expression, then rose heavily to his feet. There had to be some other way to listen in.
    Spinning listlessly on a heel he thrust both hands into his jacket pockets, stretching it out in front and leaning backwards into the strained seams. Once he had spun a full circle he flung himself backwards windmilling his hands for a second then landed as softly as possible against the door, a playboy shot glass nestled discreetly in his hand, ear pressed as accurately as possible to the base.
    “What sort of conflict? Did you warn anyone? You should have warned me by now.” The bosses voice he was fairly sure, it was rather quiet.
    “I don’t know the degree of the conflict, it could be an argument between me and him over…white chocolate…you know anything, who gets to drive.”
    “He is fifteen.”
    “You are missing the point.” Definitely the girl, He had to guess some words but the glass seemed to be working. “It is important for both of us that we are working together when this conflict comes and I only know that it isn’t far away.”
    “Fine you can have him for field experience and I will see how well you two work together in two weeks or months or so and that is all I will say on the subject.”
    “That’s fine, most likely place for conflict anyway, thank you Usagi, I appreciate you listening to me whine.”
    “Make sure it doesn’t interfere with any of your other work either,” Newton realized almost too late that the girl was close to the door and jumped back into his seat just as she opened the door and he heard Usagi's voice raised to be heard by his retreating employee, “…your responsibility. And leave the door open please Anna, by the way this is Newton…”
    “Marshall, don't call me Newton, just assume I’ve already changed my name since it is the first thing I’ll do when I’m old enough.” He sounded whiny and his voice broke as he noticed how stylishly cool the girl was and how piercing and intelligent her eyes were. Looking down at his shoes in embarrassment he guessed she was in her early twenties and tried to tell himself he didn’t find her attractive.
    “You can call me Anna or B if you want, but don’t ask how I got that nickname, no one remembers.”
They shook hands and Marshall looked into her eyes again, “I guess you’ve been around here for a long time.”
    Now Anna looked embarrassed, her face going pink and she shifted back a little, “I don’t look that old do I?”
    “Come on you two.” Both had forgotten Usagi’s presence and looked at him confused. “Well get on with it Anna, you two can get to know each other during training.”

Any commentry on this would be welcome, I am mainly worried about the structure and order of events being awkward or confusing.
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