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Sorry for the x-post... writer's choices

Word count and month end for me is the 15th of this month. Those of you who have been to my journal know the story. Sorry if this is a repeat for you but here is what I said:

Word count 20,009 Wahoo! It is really weird how this is working for me. I am more interested in what will happen with my characters than if I were reading a book or watching a movie. They seem to be alive and moving the story themselves. I mostly try to stay out of the way, though they do allow a philosophical statement from me now and then, they mostly want their story told.

My journalism teacher told me that I should give up on the book until after school lets out but as a reporter of factual news I don't think she understands the demand that the fictional world puts on a person. She and my brother and husband are demanding that I DON'T quit the classes and stay with it. Yet because of the FC of my house, I need to get away from RL into my book to stay sane. Reporting news or even writing an opinion page are demands I find difficult to meet.

Anyone else out there understand?

I have made a couple phone calls to folks who have sent the most believable ads. I believe all is not lost with the house and making some kind of profit, enough to get into my next home... in Reno, I hope with a smaller payment… Is that all possible? I hope so! But the time element against me is sometimes discouraging. Thank goodness for my Planet of choice and her connection to the planet I inhabit!
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